Permanent vinyl car decal sticker to let everyone know that the dogs in your car are very good dogs!


Please select which variant you would like depending on if you have good girls or good boys travelling in your car.

Please consider the following before placing this sticker to your car:

- Oracal 651 Vinyl is a permanent vinyl, it is water and weatherproof which makes it suitable for long term use on your car.

- Due to it's permanent nature, it will leave a sticky residue when you eventually pull it off which requires an adhesive removal product to remove.

- This vinyl may bubble if it's a hot day (optimal application temperature is between 9°C - 21°C), please note that bubbling will go away within a month if there is any.

For a detailed walkthrough of how to apply this sticker please watch the linked YouTube video.

"Good Boys On Board" Car Sticker

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