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sevs pics perth photography, business logo
sevs pics perth photography, business logo
sevs pics perth photography, business logo
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Every so often, the world, businesses, and consumers get to experience a game changer. A platform, a tool, a stage that to put simply, creates a rare opportunity.

An opportunity to level up the playing field and to stand out amongst the crowds.

In the case of Seva Mozhaev – a Perth schoolteacher turned wedding photographer and TikTok sensation, standing out was never a huge challenge. After all, he is 6ft10. But height alone was not enough to achieve his goals. If we start at the end, today we have a TikTok expert who has not only used the platform to change his professional life but has found an outlet that is already redefining how a business can reach their audience in a fun and formative way.
And the most fascinating part? It’s not really the end, it’s just the beginning.

SocialDot AU - Business Review

"Your tips and tricks have helped us grow our account from a year few hundred followers to over 16K in just a few short weeks, so much so the demand for our product Social Dot forced us to rethink the opportunity of selling overseas. We have since opened international shipping and seen exponential growth in our business all from this crazy social platform. 

Thanks for offering your guidance to us, and help us navigate the new waters. "

Bronwyn M - Wedding Photography Review

Sev, where do I start...
If you’re after a quality photographer that WILL get all the angles (quite literally) - choose Sev! He’s the tallest, coolest photographer there is. 
Looking for a photographer I was worried about having someone boring that just made people feel awkward but he was the complete opposite. I had so many comments afterwards and couldn’t believe how many people even remembered his name! 
The photos are all so stunning, I’m struggling to decide what to post and print! He had some awesome ideas and that was important for us as we’re not really into corny staged photos lol but he made everything feel so natural. 
I was happy with his pricing too. We got a few quotes and he was definitely the best value for money.
I will recommended Sev to everyone I know.

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Photography life - You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So take a camera with you. 

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The Life of Sev is a journey of one Australian teacher and his personal experiences, opinions, advice and stories to provide value for others, self-reflect for the future and to help others in at scale. 

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